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Homeschool Program


First Baptist Church of Addis
6781 Hwy 1 South, Addis, LA
Physics Phun: The Study of Balance and Motion
(K-3rd grade)
We live in a dynamic world where everything is in motion, or so it seems. But not everything is moving the same way. Some things move from one place to another. Other things go around and around in a rotational motion. Still other things are stationary, stable for a time, balanced on a thin line between stop and go. These are the global phenomena that students experience in this session, Balance and Motion.
Electricity and Magnetism (4th-8th grade)
During this session, students will:
*Observe the interaction of permanent magnets with a variety of common materials.
*Discover that magnets display forces of attraction and repulsion.
*Measure the change in force between two magnets as the distance between them changes.
*Identify materials that are conductors and insulators.
*Understand and construct simple open, closed, parallel, and series circuits.